2013 Dod Hiring Freeze

Dod - federalsoup.com - page 1, Department of defense the department of defense (dod) is charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to.
Dod employment - air traffic control - atc - aviation, Dod employment - this forum is for anything pertaining to department of defense - dod.
Dod hiring and it projects affected by continuing resolution, The ongoing continuing resolution that is funding the federal government at the 2010 level is primarily affecting hiring and construction projects for the defense.

 DOD must implement 'prudent measures' to mitigate budget risk. (DOD

House lawmaker lummis proposes bill to freeze federal hiring -- fcw, A republican house member recently reintroduced a bill that would place a hiring freeze on all federal agencies expect the defense, homeland security and veterans.
Defense.gov press articles, Norad jets prepare to protect super bowl skies tyndall air force base, fla. - continental u.s. north.
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