Federal Estate Tax Exemption 2013 and Beyond

Federal estate tax - 2013 and beyond (estate planning & elder law, Unless changes are made, the federal estate tax will affect a much higher portion of americans in 2013. people who die in 2013 with estates in excess of $1 million.
Your federal estate and gift tax exemption - use it or lose it, All individual taxpayers have a window of opportunity for passing their assets to family members or other individuals with less gift tax than ever under current tax law..
Understanding the impact in 2012 & 2013 of federal estate tax laws, The estate tax laws are in a state of flux, and no one is sure what congress will do in the near future. this article is about the laws today, and the importance of.

 of the Federal Estate Tax? | The Daily Record | nydailyrecord.com

2013 estate tax laws, 2013 gift tax laws, 2013 generation skipping, Overview of 2013 estate tax, gift tax & generation skipping transfer tax laws overview of estate, gift & gst tax exemptions and rates in 2013.
Wealthy take estate-tax exemptions beyond grave until 2013 - bloomberg, Wealthy individuals in the u.s. will find it easier to cut their estate-tax bill as a result of a provision for using their deceased spouses’ exemption.
Estate tax in the united states - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The estate tax in the united states is a tax imposed on the transfer of the "taxable estate" of a deceased person, whether such property is transferred via a will.