Why Would Unemployment Benefits End

If the economy’s still weak, why are states cutting unemployment, The u.s. economy is about to reach a dreary milestone. at the end of this week, not a single state in the country will offer “extended benefits” to.
Unemployment benefits: why some people don't collect even though, Matthew egerton applied for unemployment insurance as soon as he lost his health care administration job at the very end of 2010. the virginia employment.
Why unemployment benefits should not be extended–again, part i, Democrats, republicans, and the president are in desperate negotiations to extend the bush tax rates as the clock ticks toward the end of the year..

 200,000 Could Lose Unemployment Benefits This Week - Worldnews.com

Faq - extended unemployment benefits - employment development, Faq - extended unemployment benefits tiers 1-4 federal extension faqs. what benefits are available as part of the most recently approved federal extensions?.
Unemployment benefits could end soon [audio], A safety net may be pulled out from under millions of americans at the end of 2012, unless leaders in washington choose to renew the program that has been.
Can i collect unemployment benefits?, Do you know how to collect unemployment benefits? it's easy to claim you deserve unemployment, but how can you prove you should collect benefits..