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Tax breaks that expired in 2012, While much of washington is consumed by the debate over tax cuts scheduled to expire next year, a big package of tax breaks already expired this year.
Obama's debate claims on tax writeoffs for offshoring hold up, Obama's debate claims on tax writeoffs for offshoring hold up: fact checkers.

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Romney signals limits on tax breaks - oct. 3, 2012, After months of criticism for not detailing how he would pay for his tax cuts, romney starts to lay out options for capping tax deductions and limiting breaks..
Daily kos: fact check: tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas, Cross posted from cwa's resistance growing blog: during last night’s presidential debate, president obama said he’s working to kill the tax breaks that are.
Tax-hike mandate sparks partisan debate at washington forum - nov, Political leaders disagree over whether president obama's re-election gave him a "mandate" to raise taxes on the nation's wealthiest americans. washington.