2013 raise for kentucky state workers

Kentucky lawmakers get no pay raise in 2013 | politics and, Frankfort — state lawmakers will get no pay raise when they gather tuesday to begin kentucky's 2013 general assembly..
Ten states raise minimum wages in 2013, but impact on low-skilled, '[t]his is especially harmful for young teen workers looking for their first opportunity to have a job'.
Board votes to raise health insurance premiums for state workers, Gov. nikki haley overruled the state legislature wednesday, raising state health insurance premiums in an unprecedented move that stunned state workers and left.

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California budget has money for promised raise for state workers, With state employee contract talks just weeks away, gov. jerry brown on thursday rolled out a budget that included money for long-promised pay raises and little else.
Federal minimum wage plus 2013 state minimum wage increase rates, State & federal labor law posters change more frequently. visit now to order the latest arizona labor law posters, california labor law posters & all other states.
Va compensation cola for 2013 : workers' compensation costs | free, Va compensation cola for 2013. workers39 compensation costs for 2013 announced state of oregon. proposal for adjustment of compensation guidelines for 2013. social.