Has Anyone Got There 2013 Refund Yet

Has anyone recieved their 2012 tax refund yet ? - yahoo! answers, Wmr has been down since yesterday and there's so many dd dates floating around. i just wanna know if any one has actually got theirs. minus the negative.
Will there be a irs refund cycle chart for 2013? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: irs states refunds will be delayed and refund cycle chart discontinued “when can i expect to receive my refund?” is the most frequently.
Where's your refund? | http://igotmyrefund.com, I got my refund! information sharing for people awaiting their tax refunds. instead of asking yahoo or googling, check back here for updates from people waiting just.

Britain's got talent 2013: official auditions thread - information, It's that time of year again: applications are officially open for britain's got talent 2013 series, and this is the official unreality shout thread for people.
Has anyone tried pizza money biz in a box yet, This is quite late-but i happened upon it just now, and happened to have picked up pizza money a few days ago. so if anyone is still interested-here's a review based.
Has anyone used rooms101.com to book their stay?? - williamsburg, The deals are quite awesome.but i want to be sure they are reputable. the site is rooms101.com can't find much about it online. thanks.