how come my tax refund is taking so long

How long does ppi refund cheque take to come through with barclaycard?, Just wondered if anyone knows how long the cheque should take to come through from i enquired about the same issue with barclaycard and was told it can be.
Will i lose my income tax refund if i file chapter 7 bankruptcy in, Tulsa oklahoma bankruptcy attorney. oklahoma's trusted source for accurate and reliable information about consumer bankruptcy. written by tulsa bankruptcy attorney.
Irs updates “where’s my refund?” | tax break: the turbotax blog, Now that you filed your taxes, you may be wondering, “where’s my refund?”. i often wonder how we ever made it before e-file, when we mailed our paper tax.

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Irs tax refund delay for 2013 - my dollar plan - tax, retirement, Find out information on the 2013 tax refund delay..
How long does a lloyds tsb ppi refund cheque take to come through?, Hi all wooohoooo!! i've just received an offer of £6753.98 from lloyds tsb card originally posted by blodeuwedd hi all wooohoooo!! i've just received an offer of.
What does it mean if my federal tax return status is pending - tax, Wild answer: where we go wild to answer your questions! join our community and make new friends today.