how long are federal tax refunds taking

What is taking so long with north carolina state tax refunds, it, Best answer: i filed on 1/28 and mine said in process until today and now it says my check has been written to expect it within 2 weeks. - it was supose to.
How long is it taking for the alabama income tax refunds to be, Best answer: i am actually a certified tax preparer in the state of alabama. the state issued so much money for larger amounts than last year at the.
How long does it take tax refunds to come back?, Askville question: how long does it take tax refunds to come back? : accounting.

2013 Tax Rates and Brackets With Bush-Obama Tax Cuts Expiration

Why is the irs taking so long with refunds? | w3digger answers, Ok so my was accepted the 18th or the 19th. ok? and my return has been processing since then. i go to wmr and the tell me it being processed and i should receive it.
Tax refunds - how to information |, Tax refunds how to articles and videos including what if my spouse owes the irs?, how long does it take to get your refund after the irs pays a debt?, if a person.
Income tax refunds - how to information |, Jackpot! that’s how many people feel when they receive a refund of their federal income taxes. while it typically signals that they have essentially made a no.