how often does irs update refund status 2013

When does irs update wheres my refund site? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: this is direct from the irs site, to me it looks like the site is only updated once a week and that would be monday mornings. they have.
Internal revenue service, Irs forms and publications, hot topics, tools, news, filing and payments, refunds, credits and deductions, help and resources. wheres my refund, An irs tool called "where's my refund?" can give you an update on when your money will arrive – much the way you can use online tracking for the whereabouts of a.

Irs announces e-file opens january 30, 2013 | tax break: the, Today, the irs announced that it will begin accepting e-filed tax returns for the vast majority of u.s. taxpayers on january 30, about a week later than expected. the.
Has anyone recieved their 2012 tax refund yet ? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: you must mean your 2011 refund. we are less than one month into 2012. when did you file? use the irs chart at
Irs refunds - how to information |, Irs refunds how to articles and videos including what is a delay in processing from the irs?, how long does it take to reverse a bank garnishment?, how long does it.