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12 taxes in health care law violate obama’s pledge not to, 12 taxes in health care law violate obama’s pledge not to increase taxes on households earning less than $250,000.
Obama’s health care plan: what does it mean? : collegecandy, This sunday marked a turn in history far more epic then my sunday's fate (which was spent spiraling out of love with midterms). yes, far away in washington, the house.
Health care bill: what does it mean for you? obama to sign bill, Health care bill: what's in it for you? a breakdown of how health care reform will affect americans..

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But what does it mean for me? - healthcare reform - how will obama, This story was written by evan thomas and reported by andrew romano, katie connolly, sarah kliff, and matthew philips. how will obamacare affect you?.
How does president obama's second-term win affect cre, December 19, 2012 how does obama’s second-term win affect cre? by gail kalinoski, contributing editor.
Barack obama, Official re-election campaign website of president barack obama provides the latest updates, election news, videos, local events and ways to volunteer and donate..