wheres my refund why is it taking so long 2013

Where's your refund? | http://igotmyrefund.com, I got my refund! information sharing for people awaiting their tax refunds. instead of asking yahoo or googling, check back here for updates from people waiting just.
Brevard times - money: irs where's my refund tool down, refunds, If you are asking "why is my tax refund taking so long in 2012?" - don't go to the i.r.s. website for the answer. the where's my refund tool is down due to technical.
Irs tax refund delay for 2013 - my dollar plan - tax, retirement, Find out information on the 2013 tax refund delay..

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Why haven`t i received my 2012 federal income tax refund? - i, I heard about the irs delay but this is ridiculous! im going online to check the status but there isn`t any information. will i still receive my refund within 21 days.
Irs says my refund will be deposited on jan 31st anyway of knowing, I havent been staying with my mom none last year and i had moved out of town for six months and i was my taking care of my self but i was living under?.
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