why are taxes taking so long in 2013

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What happened when i asked paul ryan why he hates taxes, “principle and prudence,” said rep. paul ryan, when asked how republicans should proceed after losing the 2012 election. “we have to exercise our principles in.
Despite fiscal cliff deal, taxes will still rise for most, Government despite fiscal cliff deal, taxes will still rise for most americans — here’s why.

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What does it mean if my federal tax return status is pending - tax, Wild answer: where we go wild to answer your questions! join our community and make new friends today.
The political sword | why julia gillard will win the 2013 election, The prophets of doom will dismiss this piece as ridiculous. the likes of dennis shanahan, piers akerman, andrew bolt, and of course the shock jocks, alan jones and co.
Why is obama caving on taxes? -- daily intelligencer, The discouraging thing about the “fiscal cliff” negotiations is not that they have gone into the eleventh hour, or that they may go into the new year, or even.