why havent i received my tax refund 2013

Why is my paycheck less in 2013; social security tax increase, You may have just received your first paycheck of the new year and wondered why the net amount is less than your last paycheck of 2012. there is an easy explanation..
I sent my tax return to the irs and it says it been accepted by, And the irs says, we have received your tax return and it is being processed. unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, you should receive your.
Why is my paycheck smaller? understanding your 2013 paycheck, It is a sad realization but there are a few reasons why your paycheck may have gotten smaller in 2013. if you've received your first paycheck of 2013 you've likely.

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How do i avoid owing money or getting a huge refund on my taxes?, Dear lifehacker, every year, i do my taxes and i wind up owing money and i don't understand why! i have plenty taken out of my paycheck. when i ask my coworkers how.
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