why is it taking so long for the irs to accept my 2012 federal

What does it mean if my federal tax return status is pending - tax, Wild answer: where we go wild to answer your questions! join our community and make new friends today.
Why haven`t i received my 2012 federal income tax refund? - i, I heard about the irs delay but this is ridiculous! im going online to check the status but there isn`t any information. will i still receive my refund within 21 days.
Why do banks take so long to approve a short sale? - rain city guide, This question comes up over and over again from realtors, homeowners and homebuyers everywhere i go. a one sentence answer doesn’t exist for this question..

Publication 17 (2012), your federal income tax, File online. rather than filing a return on paper, you may be able to file electronically using irs e-file. create your own personal identification number (pin) and.
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Why the debt-ceiling crisis is easy to avoid (and why it won't, I suspect there are plenty of americans who never understood where the debt-ceiling crisis came from. after all, we're talking about an obscure law that's been around.