why is it taking so long to process my 2012 tax refund

-why is it taking the irs so long to process my tax refund, Starting in 2013, the eic will start to fade out.there will no longer be a earned income credit. why is everyones refund taking so long? the new. Why does it take so long for the irs to find a mistake in your taxes?, Best answer: it's a matter of resources. the automated underreporting unit (aur) uses computers to match what was reported on your return with what was. My tax return was accepted yesturday,but i thought opening day, Lekendrick lopez on jan 24, 2013 reply. a lot of people were accepted by irs i have personally seen the emails of some. it says they start on the 30th but they have.

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Irs tax refund delay for 2013 - my dollar plan - tax, retirement, Are you planning to file your 2012 tax return early and worry about geting your refund? yes, there will likely be tax refund delays again this year.. Why do banks take so long to approve a short sale? - rain city guide, This question comes up over and over again from realtors, homeowners and homebuyers everywhere i go. a one sentence answer doesn’t exist for this question.. Irs refund | 2011, 2012, 2013, Are you frustrated with wondering where your irs refund check is? do you wonder why it’s taking so long? well there’s a way to find out where your refund is, and.