education credits and tax refunds

Education credits - internal revenue service, Education credits. education tax credits can help offset the costs of education. the american opportunity (hope credit extended) and the lifetime learning.
Publication 970 (2012), tax benefits for education, For 2012, there are two tax credits available to help you offset the costs of higher education by reducing the amount of your income tax..
Education credits – federal tax guide • – file your, The american opportunity and lifetime learning credits are available to individuals for out-of-pocket tuition expenses incurred by students pursuing college degrees.

Federal Income Tax Refund

2012 tax returns claiming education credits delayed | form 8863, The irs announced on january 28, 2013 that 2012 tax returns claiming education credits on form 8863 can not be filed until mid february..
Education tax credits - university of missouri-st. louis, American opportunity credit. what is the american opportunity credit? the american opportunity credit is a temporary replacement for the hope tax credit..
Lifetime learning credit - federal tax credit for higher education, The lifetime learning credit is a tax credit for any person who takes college classes. it provides a tax credit of 20% of tuition expenses, with a maximum of $2,000.