irs reveiw letter but recieved refund

Understanding your irs notice or letter - internal revenue service, About your notice. if you receive a letter or notice from the irs, it will explain the reason for the correspondence and provide instructions. many of these letters.
Has anyone who received a 4464 c letter from irs received their, I received the 4464 on january 21st and still have no info on wmr. wondering if anyone has received their refund or any updated information. my employer received a.
Eight facts to know if you receive an irs letter or notice, Eight facts to know if you receive an irs letter or notice . irs tax tip 2012-73, april 16, 2012. the irs sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers for a.

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Letter from irs have not received your tax return? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: considering you said you filed and paid taxes (and i am guess you kept the records).are you sure the letter is from the irs and not a scam.
Help! received a 4464c letter from the irs. any input? - yahoo, I received a letter 4464 c from the irs dated jan 22nd 2010. i e-filed through turbo tax and have a fairly simple return. 1 w-2, same employer as last year..
Irs letters killer - tax notices from irs, What if the irs says they sent you a notice and you never received it? then they levy. what will you do when your paycheck and family's assets are whiped out by the irs?.