still waiting for my tax refund

Your tax return is still being processed. refund date will be, What deos this mean is it done and they are updating or does it mean they wont give me my money? i have been checking everday since jan 30th since i efiled early and.
Bank charges reclaiming: it's still possible to get £1,000s back, Rumours of the death of bank charge reclaiming are greatly exaggerated. people still regularly get some of their excess charges back – adding up to £100s, joining.
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The Long family is still waiting for a $67,000 tax refund, after

Where’s my refund tool facing problems, irs posts message, Where’s my refund tool is facing critical problem for the last several days. though the problem is not continuous one, nonetheless the issue keeps on returning and.
Watch out! there still is a state (including new jersey) estate tax, Special needs planning mistakes. 1. disinheriting the child. when a special needs child is disinherited, that child will need to depend on government benefits such as.
Where's your refund? | the original refund grapevine community, Post your actual tax refund experience here this is a “user to user” site and the primary mode of support is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users..