whats taking so long for my refund to be approved

Why is the federal tax returns taking so long this year? - i did, I did my federal taxes direct deposit, irs accepted them on jan 18th 2012, and still no information about them? it was suppose to go onto a h&r block card.
My california state tax refund was accepted by ftb on january 17th, Calif efiled taxes today how long federal tax return. i filed my taxes in january and for the last 2 weeks the irs said i would get my refund on 2-28-12 today i check.
My i-130 was approved whats the next step? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: well, you can to the forms section at www.uscis.gov to check up on the i-824, but essentially, it's to transfer your petition to the national.

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How long does it take for a deferred action application to be, How long does it take for a deferred action application to be approved? learn more here or speak with a virginia immigration lawyer at (703) 424-2979..
Stemenhance frequently asked questions, Stemenhance is the brainchild of christian drapeau, drapeau answers questions about stemenhance, and provides stemenhance and stem cell information that is ignoresd.
What's it take to be middle class? a job - yahoo! finance, What does it take to be middle class in america? the timely answer seems to be not home ownership or a college education, but a good job. in a survey.