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Amazon.com: customer discussions: why does it take so long to ship?, Sometime i wonder why they take so long to ship, you might order something form someone selling the item from home and they don't get around to it for awhile..
Celebrity photos | tmz.com - celebrity gossip | entertainment news, I'm already a member i'm already a member i'm new i 'm new. voice yourself on tmz today, join in on the discussions and personalize your avatar! what's your password?.
Tour - what's a blog?, What's a blog? a blog is a personal diary. a daily pulpit. a collaborative space. a political soapbox. a breaking-news outlet. a collection of links..

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Pulpit politics: pastors endorse candidates, thumbing noses at the irs, With the presidential election a dead heat and many other races too close to call, hundreds of religious leaders nationwide are urging their congregations to vote for.
Our review of essence of argan: dr. oz loves it, what's our take?, If you are a dr. oz fan (we are), you might have heard him speak recently about the oil extracted from a very unique little tree that is only found in morocco..
What's it take to be middle class? a job - yahoo! finance, What does it take to be middle class in america? the timely answer seems to be not home ownership or a college education, but a good job. in a survey.