will form 8863 delay getting your refund back

Is form 8863 delayed until feb 14 - is 1040a with form 8863, A: top solutions: it could be better to implement most of these procedures soon after you buy any cycling jersey, for read more you can not file schedule a until.
Topic: 8863′er | where's your refund?, Ok here is a place to combine info and compare info on filing with form 8863…here is the irs offical info. like share print irs form that 1040 filers can begin.
Is form 8863 really delayed now? | irs tax discussion, Boges on jan 28, 2013 reply. irs delays processing of form 8863 1/27/2013. the irs announced on an industry call with software vendors participating in the controlled.

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Has anyone who filed with an 8863 got a refund date? - yahoo, I filed 1/24 with an 8863 and was accepted by the irs on 1/26, prior to them not accepting form 8863. has anyone who was accepted gotten a refund date yet?.
What is up with form 8863 and delays - turbotax community, Authorshaquenna; 11:58 am pst january 30, 2013; irs haven't accepted any federal returns until today january 30 it was only successful with your tax preparer or tt.
Form 8863 | irs tax discussion, How others found here: has anyone received their 2013 tax refund with form 8863; anyone received 2013 tax refund with form 8863 feb 24; has anyone recieved their 2013.