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How long do unemployment benefits last? |, Although most states provide unemployment benefits for 26 weeks (or fewer), congress has passed a number of extension programs to help the unemployed weather tough.
How long is each state’s unemployment extension? - real time, Last week congress approved an extension of a program to provide unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks, but there’s a wide variance in how long an.
How long can unemployment benefits be collected in north carolina, Forgive me if this information is in another thread. i tried searching a bit and concluded it would be better to just submit a new thread. i've been.

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Extended benefits - emergency unemployment compensation (euc), Euc program available until the end of 2013. if you exhaust your regular state unemployment insurance (ui) benefits, you may qualify for emergency unemployment.
Biz brain: how long does nj unemployment last? |, Q. i would like to know the duration of unemployment insurance coverage in new jersey. currently i’m assured benefits for only six months, but in talking to my.
How to file for maryland extended unemployment benefits -, Filing for extended unemployment benefits in maryland is very simple, but you do need to understand all of the program requirements before beginning the.