average federal employee salary in 2012

Average federal salary: $83,679 and lowest average pay increase in, Federal employee pay is always a source of interest…and controversy. a case in point: we recently ran an article with a chart showing federal vs. private sector pay.
Salaries & wages - opm.gov, The office of personnel management provides policy leadership and expertise on a variety of governmentwide pay programs for federal employees 2012 gs pay tables.
Average federal pay matches microsoft | aeideas, The average federal government employee receives a salary of around $75,000 per year. with present and future fringe benefits equal to about 76 percent of salaries.

-2012 federal pay scale tables (gs) and no raise from 2010, 2011-2012

Salary search 2012 -- federaldaily.com - federal daily - homepage, 2013 federal employees almanac; buyouts and early outs; note: salaries for 2012 have been frozen at the 2010 rates: your results: locality: general schedule: grade:.
The average salary of government employees | ehow, According to the bureau of labor statistics (bls), the united states federal government employed about 2 million civilian workers in 2009. salaries for these.
Average federal salary by agency size - fedsmith.com, Average federal employee salaries are always a point of contention. in fact, different government agencies calculate the average salary of federal employees.