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Exchanges & premium subsidies | obamacare watch, The amount of the subsidy is inversely related to family income and will be a administered by new state under obamacare, if a low income household is offered.
Obamacare’s premium subsidies will stifle small business, The premium subsidies are obamacare’s way of making health insurance more affordable for low-income earners who buy coverage in the new exchanges..
Breaking research: obamacare tax subsidies a drag on the economy, The new health care subsidy program created under obamacare for low- and middle-income americans the obamacare subsidies substantially shrink the tax base.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) / Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT

Obamacare tax subsidies: bigger deficit, damaged economy, Obamacare’s tax subsidies are one of the primary many other households will face crushing marginal tax rates around the income cutoff for the obamacare tax subsidy..
Why obamacare's unequal subsidy structure will make the law far, Subsidies for working families with low taxable income. the problem is that the subsidies inside obamacare's unequal subsidy.
Obama care low income subsidy | workers blog, Obama care 911 – affordable health care act, health insurance for low-income americans. low income americans will enjoy more obamacare pros than cons. since.