Publication 15 (2013), (circular e), employer's tax guide, If you are required to report employment taxes or give tax statements to employees or annuitants, you need an employer identification number (ein)..
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Irs tax tables 2012 calculator | irs tax world, 2012 federal income tax withholding calculation2012 federal income tax withholding calculation the irs allows for different types of withholding methods to be.

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Irs tax table 2011 calculator | irs tax world, 12pub15 20120110.xml (circular e), fileid: pager/xml employer you may also order em- internal revenue service ployer tax products and information returns by.
Publications online - internal revenue service, Publication number title revision date or tax year; publication 3 html publication 3 pdf: publication 3 (2012), armed forces' tax guide: 2012: publication 15 html.
Publication 51 (2013), (circular a), agricultural employer's tax guide, Employer identification number (ein). an employer identification number (ein) is a nine-digit number that the irs issues. the digits are arranged as follows.