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Pcb 2010 income tax deduction rate | the 8th voyager, 17 comments: anonymous said is pcb tax rate is based on after deduct epf2 (8%) ? for example, i am unmarried person & my monthly salary is rm4000.
Pcb 2012 income tax deduction rate, calculation and table | the, If you are looking for the potongan cukai bulanan (pcb, a.k.a. scheduled monthly tax deduction) 2012 table (jadual pcb 2012) from the inland revenue board.
Calculating pcb or schedular tax deduction (std) for salary and bonus, Welcome to money master. money master is a financial management and money talk blog where our aim is to become the money master rather than the slave to.

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Potongan cukai berjadual (pcb) / schedular tax deduction (std) in, What is pcb/std in malaysia ? how does it work ? what is the minimum salary to be caught under the pcb net ? among the top searches that came to this site.
Malaysian income tax: paying tax: when your pcb deduction is too, After calculating your income tax payable for last year, you realise that your last year's monthly tax deduction ("mtd") or potongan cukai bulanan ("pcb") is.
How to calculate income tax pcb - malaysiakini - malaysia, What is pcb ? pcb is a short form of potongan cukai berjadual where lhdn introduced many years ago to ease the burden of tax payer from paying the tax in one lump sum.