Have you ever noticed that people at church always sit in the same place? We are supposed to count how many communicants there are every Sunday, and tell the diocese. Sometimes I would forget to do that, and then I'd have to recreate the people who were there at church in my head at home. That's pretty easy, because you can go row by row and figure out who was there. (Luckily, now Amy is in charge of counting and she always remembers.)

We have 2 dogs now. We got a new dog, Chick. More about that another time. Kimo and Chick are marking their territories. Kimo will go and pee in a certain place in the yard. Then, Chick goes and pees on the same place. Then, Kimo will go and pee over Chick's pee. Then Chick again. You get the picture, they are marking their territory. At the museum, they told us that they think the dinosaurs did the same thing to keep other dinos out of their territory.

I am so glad that people don't mark their territories the same way that dogs do. That would make church cleanup really really tough.