Pastoral Car Chase

We made a dinner last night for another pastor in town, whose wife just had a baby. He is home with three kids, so we thought we'd help a brother out and send over some food.

Since he is a nice hapa boy originally from Hawaii, and she is a nice Japanese American girl from near our old hometown, I thought that in addition to the chicken and broccoli and rice that we sent over that I'd make some mochi. So I got the stuff, and made a nice mochi, cut it all up, put it in little fancy muffin papers, put it in a nice tin and all.

Then, stupidly, I forgot to pack it in the basket when DH went to go deliver the dinner.

Now, I should stop here to mention that this pastor is really Fr. Hubby's friend and not that well known to me. I have seen him twice or so, but we would not recognize each other at the supermarket. Well, unless he was wearing his collar. Or I was standing next to Fr. Hubby.

So anyway, after church today me and the kids headed over to Pastor Hapa's house to deliver the mochi that we had forgotten. (Of course, Fr. Hubby has to get to church earlier and we never drive to church together, so he was not with us). We pulled up in front of the Hapa house, and we could see they were in their van, pulling out of the driveway and all packed up and ready to go somewhere. I turned around and another minivan got in between us. I honked, trying to make him stop. No one listened to me. They all started to pull away.

The kids started to yell to stop him. Tough to achieve, since our windows were rolled up. I honked and gave chase. We were going to have to run him down. Kids were cheering, I was on a mission to catch him. We headed to the stoplight, unfortunately it was green. We tailgated minivan #2, kept speeding along, and luckily Pastor Hapa's minivan went into the next turn signal lane. And there was space next to them.

We pulled next to Pastor Hapa, and rolled down Naomi's passenger side window. He rolled down his window, looked at us like we were nuts. "Can I help you?" he said.

At this point maybe I should have said:

1. Um, yes, can I have a cheeseburger and fries?

2. Your minivan or your life

3. Hey Homie, let's go see what these vans can do and race for pinks.

Momentarily stunned, I realized he didn't know who we were. I mumbled "We...are..."
"Oh yeah!! Hi?" he responded. I guess he figured it out. Naomi handed him the box of mochi through the window, and he took it. (You never want to turn down a nice box of mochi, no matter what crazy people who stop you in the intersection and give it to you.)

Then we all happily drove away.

It was the most exciting dinner delivery we've ever had.

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