This is what passes for sleep in the mski master bedroom:

10pm: Go to bed early, being a little wiped out from the weekend.
Midnight: Wake up, hear the dogs barking, and put the dogs in the garage. Go back to sleep.
2am: Luke (age 6) comes in crying with growing pains in his legs. Wake up, give him some junior tylenol, go back to sleep.
3am: Nadia (age 4) comes in having wet the bed. Get her into new clothes, go back to sleep.
4am: Cell phone runs out of battery and starts to beep. Wake up, answer the phone, realize it is only telling you it is going to die, turn it off, then go back to sleep.
6:30am: Wake up, get the teenage girls awake so they can get ready for school. Go back to sleep.
6:45 am: 15 minutes later, wake up, having had a nice long sleep and going to bed early.

Bright and shiny for the new week.

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