Betta Fish

Today, our betta fish was sort of half floating, still as could be, with that glazed over look in its eyes. Heavy sigh as I walked by, it's never good to have to bury a pet.

I tapped on the side, and lo and behold, the fish is alive. Those fish are resilient, and can withstand a lot.
(We know this, there was once the Arctic freeze suffered by a betta who got cold bottled Arrowhead water once put in their bowl by mistake.)

On the other hand, they are sort of ... lifeless. They are like a stone. It's pretty bad when people can't tell if you are alive or dead.

Oh, there have been times when I felt like I was turning to stone. Especially when I was at the receiving end of criticism. Stand still, eyes glaze over, find a happy place...

I am a good survivor too, like the betta fish. But can people tell that I am alive?

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