I am attaching video clips to this post - a first, we are breaking new technical ground! Now, I myself am always afraid to click on videos because I am not sure how long they will take. I promise you, this video is less than 10 seconds long. I was going to upload the 45 second halftime pep talk, but this is taking so long I might turn to stone so I won't. Click on the play button to play a blogger video.

It was Luke's first soccer game. And guess who is the coach?

Here is Rich running drills.

Me and Jessica.

Here's the other team's banner. I have banner envy. My new project: make a banner for next week. These are the times I miss Connie V.!
OK, I miss her more than just when needing to sew, but I do especially miss her when needing to sew. ;-)

Baby sister Nadia, not so interested in the game but very interested in the snacks and the other people at the game.

Go team!

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