Honorable Hours

Early to bed, early to rise...

The early bird gets the...

Early, early, early. Why is everyone so in love with the "good people" who use early hours?

We have an uncle who wakes up early and gets to work. He's up at 3:30 am every morning. Oh, he's such a "hard worker." He always departs a party early so he can go to bed by 8pm.

Now, last night I stayed up until after midnight with the washing machine and dryer so that I could make sure the babies had orange clothes to wear to share day today at the babysitter's. I woke up this morning 5:45 am. This means, if I were on Uncle Tom's going to sleep early schedule, I would have gotten up for work at 1:45 am.

Then, everyone would be impressed.

As it is, no one cares, because late nights are not honorable hours.