Wedding Coordinator Roles

Well, it seems as though we at All Saints don't have the proper delgation of roles going for weddings. For future ceremonies, we will have to prepare the following:

Top Ten Wedding Coordinator Roles
10. Make sure the bathroom has toilet paper coordinator
9. Creating tulle puffy clouds along the aisle coordinator
8. Take away tulle puffy clouds along the aisle so no one trips and dies coordinator
7. Get and return the rental/borrowed equipment coordinator
6. Wedding guest housing coordinator
5. Vacuum the carpet coordinator
4. Hand out the rice coordinator
3. Sweep the rice coordinator
2. Wash the surplices coordinator
1. Hand out the programs coordinator

There are more, but I am in a rush, so I will leave it at ten and go with my first gut instincts. Normally I would have let it cook, and gone back to make the list better. But, for today, since I am in a rush, it's some low quality H2O. ;-)