And That's Another Thing I Don't Like About Recruiting...

Really, I like my job. But, one thing I dislike is having to sign off candidates.

For each search, I will find 6-10 qualified candidates. We'll interview them, and then have our client interview four.

These are all people who have the skills, qualifications, and background to do the job. I wouldn't call them if they didn't have that. So, when our client makes their selection, and doens't choose someone, it's usually about another candidate having an exceptionally outstanding background, or they don't click with the candidate.

The process pretty much goes like this. We get a search, and I look through our database for candidates. I do research to find competitors and other appropriate target companies, and find out who the right person is. I call those 50-75 people. In pretty much every case, these people are happily employed. Then, I call and try and convince them to be interested in the job. 10 are interested. 6 are interviewed by us. 4 are interviewed by the client. One is chosen. Then, we tell the other 3 they stink and we don't want them.

It would be nice if I could say the straight truth:
"I'm sorry Joe, they thought you looked goofy in the cufflinks and white tie you wore to the interview..."
"If only you hadn't been a jerk to the receptionist while waiting for the CEO..."
"They thought you were self centered and arrogant..."
"No one appreciated the fact that you rescheduled three times, and we are all so mad at you that we don't care how good you are"
"They didn't like the hair in your ears" (sorry Fr. Husband)
"The client knows you already and laughed when I raised your name."

However, I have to find true things to say but softer, like
"There is another candidate that seems to have skills that fit exceptionally well with the client, and they want to pursue their candidacy..."
"It wasn't a good cultural fit..."
"They really do need ______ which unfortunately you don't have in your background"

So guess what I had to do this morning...