Our family likes audiobooks when we go on vacation. When you are in the middle of a nice 5 hour or 15 drive, an audiobook helps keep the driver awake, if it's a good one. It also entertains us and gives us a common set of phrases for the next year.

For example, if you hang around our house enough, you'll hear someone shout "Evelyn, my butt hurts." That's from the NPR Audiobook I Thought My Father was God You will also hear "and that's another reason why I hate France" said at inappropriate moments. That's from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time By the way, Curious Incident is a great book which has a lot of numbered lists.

Those two were probably the biggest hits.

Books that I liked but no one else really did include: Garrison Keillor (various tapes), and the Mitford series, which talks about Father Tim the Episcopalian priest in a small town in North Carolina, and has a lot of discussion about cake.

One that was a big drag this year was Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim It started off OK, but when it got to some pretty explicit child homosexual issues we had to abort the mission. Not appropriate for a family drive to Idaho!

I would have liked to do this subject in the format of a nice orderly list, maybe of say, ten. Unfortunately, I don't have ten items to discuss. I think it would have been a much more effective post if I had ten items. Also, my husband counted and so far I have made nine top ten lists. That makes me very nervous. Gotta make another one so it's a nice round number.

Ten items works, people! No more maligning the ten! Ten on!!