Blog Comments

I can't help it. I really like to read and comment on blogs.

Not to do any cyber bullying. Although I hear that's fun. Really, it's because it helps me stay in touch with people.

Typically when I see people live, I am holding one baby and trying to chase another. Though I try to give people my undivided attention, I'm sure they feel like they are the fifth priority. They're not the fifth priority. It's just a little tough when the babies are going nuts, and the big girls are busy trying to get my attention to complain about something or other.

I like to read what people are thinking about. And, I like to let them know that their thoughts are heard. It can be an easy little comment or a more extensive one, but one way or another, for better or for worse, I always leave a little dropping. I'm like a bunny, or a rat, who has to make droppings right when they eat.

Better to blog when you know someone is listening, than to feel that you blog alone in the forest with no one hearing your tree falling... I think... or something along that line that is supposed to make sense...

Mrs. Commentator