A Hick Town

I have received a complaint from the readership of this blog that my top ten lists should be in backwards order. This post was already drafted a while ago; in future posts I will try to remember to do a countdown from 10 to 1.-----

Castaic is a funny place. I grew up in a place that had a lot more diversity, was much older and established. It was more dangerous (crime-wise) and the weather was more temperate.

I have lived in Castaic for six years now. I think I've adjusted to it. I feel a little sad that my parents never even knew of or visited where we now live, they died before we moved. There is a great quality of life here - good public schools, nice neighborhoods, lower cost of living than most other places, and large homes. I have really learned to love the place.

Castaic is different than some other places. When you heard a helicopter in Gardena, we would lock the doors and windows because a helicopter meant the police were looking for someone running through the neighborhood. Here, you check to make sure your neighborhood isn't on fire.

Top Ten Reasons You Know You're in Castaic

  1. Your neighbor, your other neighbor, and you drive an SUV.
  2. Your dog escapes and someone brings it back to your house (darn).
  3. Every sports team in town is called the Cougars.
  4. Every time you drive up Hillcrest, and you see someone walking, you ask your kids who the pedestrian is, and they tell you.
  5. You can leave your bicycle outside, your car unlocked, and your garage door open all night and nothing happens.
  6. You know what and when the Love Ride is.
  7. Your neighborhood has wild bunnies, coyotes, snakes, or quail.
  8. You know who "Running Man," "Filipino Walking Lady" and "Fu Manchu" are.
  9. Your friends and family drive at least an hour to get to you and have to complain about the drive for an hour after they arrive.
  10. You recognize the alert and lock your doors when the Pitchess Detention Center alarm goes off.