Well, today I went to confession. I went down to the church and had confession with Fr. Husband. Good timing too, since it's Rosh Hashanah I joined in with all of my friends from the Tribe in atoning for my sins.

This was my first confession. Being a Baptist, and then a Lutheran, I never really had that growing up. I have been nervous about it for a few days. In the past, I had wanted to have confession at some of our clergy retreats, but the schedule is tight, and then I don't. I think having to confess all of your sins from throughout your life is pretty hard, because there is so much to remember. So, I was fairly general and next time I will be able to point out some specific ones. I'm sure there will be some doozies. Not that I am looking forward to confessing doozies, just saying that there will probably be some.

It was very emotional (that's code for "I boo hooed like a baby"). I am really happy now, and feel very good. After confession, I went and got myself some McDonald's lunch as a little reward. This is turning out to be a great day.