Surprise! Guess What You Touched?

We went to the Natural History Museum yesterday. I took the babies. The big girls were too busy blogging, and the babies don't blog. Yet.

Anyway, we used to take the big girls all the time when they were little girls. Even before then, Rich and I used to go there on dates a lot when we were in high school and college. It was so fun to return to the museums. Boy have they changed. There was a Wolfgang Puck cafe in the museum. Before, there only used to be little men going around with carts of helados (ice cream).

Luke can recognize a T Rex, and he was all about the dinosaur area. I had to tell him the name of every living dinosaur in the place. And believe me, they are not named what they used to be. Where is the brontosaurus? Now it's some kind of an argentinian sauropod. There is a brand new kind of dinosaur, almost as big as T Rex, I can't even remember its name. I've attached a picture of it, whatever its name is. It was discovered sometime in the last 15 years. Luke didn't like it - he thought it was looking at him. The truth is, it was. We were standing right where that big two spiky haired, short arm having dinosaur was looking.

We touched those big giant hairy spiders, I can't recall the name for some reason, and toured the spider exhibit. Well, that was pretty much like walking around our yard. I can't believe I paid $3 to see the same dang spiders I have here at the house. And, Rich and Luke had found a tarantula at Dry Gulch last week (that's what those big hairy spiders are called).

Also, we took the Dinosaur tour, and we touched a T Rex toe fossil. Our guide also told us that Jurassic Park 3 was not technically correct, that the dinosaur fighting T Rex would not be able to sustain the first blow. Alas, I thought Steven Spielberg was a stickler for authenticity. And, then we touched another nice dark oval shaped fossil. A dinosaur poop! Those tour guides are real jokesters.