Conference Calls

In my line of work, we have a lot of conference calls. Sometimes you have to be fully engaged, like when you are talking to clients about candidates. Sometimes, you can listen without paying attention too much - like when you are on a gigantic practice call, and they are giving an update on things happening at the firm.

Top Ten Things To Do On a Conference Call
  1. Catch up on email.
  2. Clean your desk.
  3. Pay bills (psych! as if I would do that).
  4. Look at People magazine, and funny celebrity websites (
  5. Go internet shopping, fill up your cart, and never order the items.
  6. Read and comment on blogs, or draft some entries.
  7. Electronic photo cropping, and ordering photos on Shutterfly.
  8. Prepare Sunday bulletin.
  9. Make a scrapbook page.
  10. Email other people on the call making fun of the person speaking.

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