Tropical Island Food

If I were to be stuck on an island, it would have to be a tropical island and not a desert island, since I don't like the desert. Anyway, if you were stuck on an island, and had to eat the same things every day, you'd have to pick things that you would never tire of, and could love consistently. You wouldn't want to pick something like a bacon wrapped hot dog with grilled onions and peppers, you couldn't eat that little number every day. Here's what mine would be:

Of course, there must be great coffee, along with Special K with Berries. This cereal is great. It is really addicting. It's like crack. At least I have been told that crack is very addicting, I'm not sure.
Runner up: Egg Mcmuffin.
2nd runner up: Hard boiled eggs with soy sauce.

The very best lunch of all time is tuna sandwich on wheat with potato chips and Coke Zero.
Runner up: Bean and cheese burrito
2nd runner up: Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, fries and Diet Coke

Fresh Peach
Runner up: baby carrots

Cream cheese with cocktail sauce on top, served with plain Carr's water crackers
Runner up: Pita with hummus
2nd runner up: Monterey Jack cheese and water crackers

Crane Lake Cabernet
Runner up: Gin and Albertson's brand diet tonic (much better than Schweppes)
2nd runner up: Limeade margaritas

Chili on top of rice. Green salad on the side.
Runner up: Chicken broccoli casserole, and rice (yup, for the rice stomach).
2nd runner up: Spaghetti with Classico Four Cheese sauce made with ground beef, salad and garlic bread.

Chocolate ice cream
Runner up: Strawberry shortcake
2nd runner up: Cake

I think that's probably too much food to eat on a daily basis. But it would be OK, because no one else would see me on the island and I could grow in peace.