Blog Challenge: On Being Delicious

This is a "challenge" from Fr. Husband, who has double dog dared me to blog on random titles he suggests. This blog challenge may or may not happen from time to time, depending on how I do or don't feel. How's that for a nice commitment?
Today's challenge: Blog title = "On Being Delicious"
Special farthings to people who remember "not the mama"

In 1991, we used to watch a show called Dinosaurs. This was a great Jim Henson show about a dinosaur family. It was sort of like The Flintstones or The Honeymooners, except that the family were dinosaurs. Duh.

I call to your attention:
Episode 8: "Endangered Species" by: David A. Caplan & Brian Lapan / directed by: Jay Dubin
Earl buys Fran two grapdelites, a rare delicacy that they'll dine on for their anniversary, until Robbie meets the goodies and they explain that they are the last two of their kind.Taped: 07/01/1991
(from the Dinosaurs Episodeguide,

These two grapdelites run around the house, being prepped for dinner. They are little type dinosaurs. Very cute, sort of the "lobster" of dinosaur. Anyway, at one point Robbie the teenage son asks if they are upset about always being possibly eaten. They reply, "They can't help it, we're delicious."
What would it be like to be delicious? At every turn, people chasing you. Wanting to eat you. Waiting for you to drop your guard. Then, POOM, your life is over and bon appetit.

Sometimes I think my daughters are delicious. Boys, at every turn, ready to pounce upon them. Our babies are delicious. Predators ready to steal them. My mom thought I was delicious. She didn't want us to come to the house, because the people she thought were watching her might see us and attack us.

The great thing about the grapdelites, besides their scrumptious flavor, was that they accepted their fate. They lived their lives happily. They knew they would always be chased, and at some point they might be caught. But it was their fate, and it didn't stop them from being happy little critters.

God has given each of us a lot in life. Some people are delicious, and may or may not be caught soon. Who knows why?
Sometimes, the delicious are happier, and have found the meaning of life, more than the foul tasting. Some of you are pretty darn tasty, and I am so sorry that you've got it tough. But I'm very proud to know you, and you should be proud to be delicious.