Sometimes, I try to think about what I would like to do for a living if money and schedule were no object. There are some jobs that are fun, except when you do them you find out their downsides.

Being an executive recruiter is not fun. Oh, it can be enjoyable, when you find good candidates, or get a lead on new business, or find out information on a potential client that cinches the deal. Sometimes it's fun meeting clients or candidates. But it's not "ha ha" life's ambition kind of fun, or reward. No one grows up dreaming to be an executive recruiter.

It's been a few days... and I know I for one am getting a little nervous without having a good top ten... so here is

Top Ten Fun Jobs
(Whether or Not They Are)

10. Starbucks Barista
9. Newcaster (my childhood backup profession if I couldn't get the Rock Star gig)
8. Remember When Scrapbooking Store Salesperson
7. Sushi Person
6. Typesetter
5. Matchmaker
4. House Painter
3. Radio DJ
2. Wedding Cake Baker
1. Dreyer's Ice Cream Quality Control Taster

P.S.: This post has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I am trying to diet.