Crazy Korean Potion

Today, I went to the beauty supply and got some crazy Korean potion, Dr. Eslee's products. When I went to go and get my hair cut at the beauty supply, the owner gave me a sample of these products. You have to listen very carefully to her giving the instructions, or else you can't use them - the package only has Korean instructions on the back. I know this because in Gardena, there are a lot of Korean BBQs and other businesses, and it was the same stick and O's that make up their signs.

Anyway, I bought full sized products of these things, and now we'll see what happens. Last time I used it my skin cleared up in two days. I think either my skin will miraculously look fabulous or else my face will melt, who knows, because we can't read what the warnings are, they are in Korean.

Japanese and Koreans don't typically get along. Japanese think that Koreans are hotheaded, and have bad breath from eating kim chee with garlic all the time. Koreans think bad things about the Japanese too, who knows what exactly. The truth is, Koreans are more likely to be Christians, and very faithful Christians, than Japanese. And I like garlic a lot too, and have been known to yell and be hotheaded my own dang self. Perhaps if I use this potion I will turn Korean. Perhaps I already have turned Korean.

If this stuff works, I am going to be very nice to the next Korean I see. That will probably be the beauty supply lady, with me buying more crazy Korean potion.