Been Away From Blogland

Well, we had a great meeting last night. Thanks to Peg ( for a great, real, and honest testimony. Afterwards, we had a shower for Mae at our house. Fun, and yum.

This morning I got up at 0 dark 30 to go to the flower mart. Met Laurie in Newhall at 6am, then headed on to downtown. We got there, and I couldn't remember where the place was. It's been a few years. It turns out we were one block away, but I had to go a few blocks out of the way before figuring it out. This morning we went through Chinatown, bridal district, jewelry district, garment district, fabric district, produce district, then finally hit the flower mart. That's a lot of districts.

I have every orangey gold colored flower there is in the house, it seems. The front room looks like a funeral parlor for Tina Turner (it's about the color of her hair). It is very pretty.

At one point, I thought I would like to be a florist because I love flowers so much. However, being a florist means waking up early and traipsing to the flower mart, carrying very heavy loads of flowers, hunching over them de-thorning and de-leafing for a long time, and the profit margin is not big. I'm happy doing random occasions.

After I came home, I did the daily office online (my rule before doing anything fun online, and then intended to do blogcheck. I was so tired, I had to go nap instead of blog. That's pretty tired.

Well, I had a nap and I am back! Doing laundry (no one has any clean underwear) and getting ready for youth kids to come over tonight. Hope nothing major happened during the 24 hours I've been away!!