On Being Delicious, Part II

Well. Apparently I was clear as mud regarding being delicious.

This post is part II of the post below. Please read that one first so you will follow along with the rest of the class. :-)

Delicious = troubles. Delicious = hard life. Delicious = in danger. Delicious = being eaten, and being eaten = death.

I guess you have to be a mother of daughters to see that boys seeing your daughters as delicious is bad. Bad, bad, bad. That means that they may be attacked, or victims, at any moment. School, the mall, walking around, wherever.

The Grapdelites were delicious, but that wasn't good. It meant they were constantly being chased. They were constantly in danger of being eaten. That's a hard life. Being delicious is hard.

Yet, the Grapdelites were happy. They accepted the fact that they were prey, and that predators would snap them up in a heartbeat. They still lived a joyful life.

What I was trying to say, not very well, is that even with the burden of being delicious, and being eaten at any time, the Grapdelites were happy. Even with the threat of being eaten hanging over their head. Some people have health, emotional, poverty, or other life problems, but are still happy, even with the threat of whatever it is they have hanging over their head. They are delicious (in danger, or jeopardy) but they find joy. Many times people who are not delicious, and have no problems in life, don't have the joy that the delicious have.

Some of you are delicious. Yet you have found the meaning of life, you have found the joy of the Lord, and you live a richer life with Jesus than those who have never had to look a big angry maw in the face. Though you are in danger, you walk hand in hand with our Savior. For some of you, you always had Him. For some of you, you found Him after you became delicious. In any case, I am proud to know you Grapdelites.

Is that better? I hope so. Grade for the Blog Challenge: D for understandability.

P.S. The baby dinosaur had two categories: the mama, and not the mama. People either fell into one or the other category, to the dad's dismay. That baby dinosaur was very much like Naomi at the time, who was not necessarily the nicest dinosaur to "not the mama"s.