Vocabulary Lesson - Media Version

In our home, we have some common sayings. We all know what they mean. When someone else says them, we are somehow happy and comforted. It's sort of like eating your mom's meatloaf.

You have probably heard us saying some of these things. You might not have understood what we mean. Some of them seem a little harsher than what we mean, especially when you don't know we are kidding. Sorry, Carsten.

This list is the version that was influenced by media. There are other lists that are home grown, that will be discussed another time.

Top Ten Mski Family Vocabulary Phrases, Media Version

10. "Shut up! shut up, shut up, shut up!" School of Rock
Used by Luke to be a peacemaker when people argue in the house.
9. "You not the funny." Miscellaneous Comic Show
Korean comedian described his father's constant statements. As in, "you know why the chicken cross the road? because you telling jokes on the other side. and you not the funny!" Used when someone is ...not the funny.
8. "Fool!" Gabriel Iglesias in Concert
An endearing term used in conversation with a close comrade, to create a false sense of separation between two intimate associates.
7. "Hit me as hard as you can" Fight Club
Usually used in the same paragraph as the name of one of the WORMs.
6. "Pikachu!" Pokemon
Used when one is frustrated and mad, with arms raised and body shaking.
5. "I make this black suit look good." Men in Black
Used when one is especially happy about or defensive regarding their appearance.
4. "Do not play with magic you do not understand, Giant." The Indian in the Cupboard
Used when trying to keep someone from doing something.3. "That's funny stuff right there, I don't care who you are." Larry The Cable Guy
Used when others are trying not to laugh at something funny you have said.
2. "That's some high quality H2O". Waterboy
A compliment, as in "that's excellent."

1. "And that's another reason I hate France." Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night
Used at random times when complaining about something, usually with no previous mention of a first event to warrant the "another".