High School

Post for Thursday's High School Shadow Day: Part I
Today I went to Jessica's school. It was Parent Shadow Day. Parents got to go to classes with their kids, take notes, and in some cases take tests.

Today we went to Modern Civilization, Biology, and Algebra C. Now, why couldn't it be the day to go to Student Government, English, and Theater? Sheesh.

Anyway, some things are the same about school, and some things are different.

Ten Things About School That Haven't Changed
10. You don't say hi to everyone you know, only close pals.
9. Boys answer 95% of the questions asked.
8. You have to rush from class to class, and they don't give you enough time.
7. There are not enough bathrooms.
6. A chill goes up your spine when a pop quiz is announced.
5. Kids group by level of coolness and ethnic group.
4. Your mind wanders and it's hard to pay attention to boring teachers.
3. White slip on Vans shoes are popular.
2. You avert your eyes when the Principal comes around.
1. It's good to be in the company of a true friend.