High School Part II

I told you! It was a two list day on Thursday.

Top Ten Things About High School That Have Changed
10. The Principal's announcements that you could never understand over the speaker have been replaced by live TV broadcasts, with music videos, by the students.
9. Chalkboards have been replaced by dry erase white boards.
8. Every teacher has a computer projector so they can teach with powerpoint presentations or video clips.
7. The teachers are younger than you. Well, me.
6. No gang members to rush past, eyes averted. (At least in SCV).
5. Student telephones ring in their backpacks, at least two per class.
4. Emails sent to the teachers keep popping up on the screen, very distracting.
3. Instead of 6 or 7 periods a day, there are 2 hours blocks of classes.
2. The classrooms are painted a nice tan, instead of industrial pink which used to be thought to calm the savage beasts.
1. No driver training! The PE teachers no longer risk life and limb, for insurance purposes you have to go to a private company now.