Has Anyone Got There 2013 Tax Refund

Has anyone recieved their 2012 tax refund yet ? - yahoo! answers, Wmr has been down since yesterday and there's so many dd dates floating around. i just wanna know if any one has actually got theirs. minus the negative.
Will there be a irs refund cycle chart for 2013? - yahoo! answers, Best answer: irs states refunds will be delayed and refund cycle chart discontinued “when can i expect to receive my refund?” is the most frequently.
Irs fear tax refund delays for 2013 - page 4, Page 4: deadlock in congress could dramatically delay tax refunds in 2013 a delay in refunds is troubling, but if congress misses the december 31 deadline to e.

Irs tax refund delay for 2013 - my dollar plan - tax, retirement, Are you planning to file your 2012 tax return early and worry about geting your refund? yes, there will likely be tax refund delays again this year..
2012 - 2013 irs tax discussion, Popular questions. is there an irs tax refund schedule for 2013 yet? will there be a 2013 irs refund cycle chart? i just got my tax refund, i thought the irs wasnt.
2013 tax tables, Tax tables tennessee senator bob corker made the case for this strategic retreat on "fox news sunday," arguing that if republicans raise tax rates as mr. obama wants.